Contract Automation

How to Build a Contract Automation Software Company (Richard Mabey – CEO Juro)

Richard Mabey, CEO and co-founder of contract automation platform Juro, visits the podcast to talk about building a legal tech start up that helps in-house legal teams deal with contracts from drafting to execution (and reduce the number of software products they use while doing it.) Richard founded Juro in 2016 with a technical co-founder he…

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Most Listened To Episodes of 2021

A look back at the most listened to episodes of 2021. They covered a wide range of topics including IP management, contract automation, blockchain and cybersecurity.

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Episode 20 – Jerry Ting on Legal Tech Looking Outside of Legal Tech

In Episode 20 we talk to Evisort founder Jerry Ting about his company (contract management software that uses AI to extract legal clauses and other relevant data) and also about improving legal technology by looking outside of legal tech. Jerry founded Evisort while studying at Harvard Law and it was there that he started looking…

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