Data Privacy

Why Legal Teams & Tech Companies Should Think About Data Privacy “Early and Often” (Chris Handman TerraTrue COO & Co-Founder)

In this episode Chris Handman, COO and Co-Founder of data privacy management app TerraTrue, talks about Shifting Left with data privacy. “Shift left” is a concept used to identify defects and bugs early in the software development process before deployment.

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Episode 13: Justine Gottshall on Data Privacy Laws

For Lucky Episode 13, we talk to Justine Gottshall about data privacy laws. Specifically, about the European Union’s General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) and, closer to home, California’s Consumer Privacy Act. Justine is well positioned to talk about data privacy. She is a partner at InfoLaw Group, where she counsels clients on data privacy, technology,…

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