How to Build a Low-Code Legal Tech Start Up (Chad Sakonchick – BetterLegal)

Chad Sakonchick is a serial entrepreneur. After a stint selling computers for Dell, he launched his first technology company: an early SaaS platform that allowed users to easily create websites. From there, he launched an app that took online orders for food truck owners and then he launched Spacesift, which he describes as Airbnb for…

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How to Build a Contract Automation Software Company (Richard Mabey – CEO Juro)

Richard Mabey, CEO and co-founder of contract automation platform Juro, visits the podcast to talk about building a legal tech start up that helps in-house legal teams deal with contracts from drafting to execution (and reduce the number of software products they use while doing it.) Richard founded Juro in 2016 with a technical co-founder he…

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Why Legal Teams & Tech Companies Should Think About Data Privacy “Early and Often” (Chris Handman TerraTrue COO & Co-Founder)

In this episode Chris Handman, COO and Co-Founder of data privacy management app TerraTrue, talks about Shifting Left with data privacy. “Shift left” is a concept used to identify defects and bugs early in the software development process before deployment.

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