Disrupting Personal Injury Law With Purpose, Tech and Innovation (Joshua Schwadron, CEO Mighty)

Joshua Schwadron, Founder and CEO of Mighty, visits the podcast to discuss how his company and law firm are disrupting personal injury law.

Even though Joshua has a law degree, he knew he did not want to practice law in the traditional sense.

Instead, in 2010 the entrepreneur in him founded Betterfly, a marketplace where consumers found service providers to help with projects like home remodels, yardwork or wedding plans.

Betterfly was acquired and Joshua found himself with time to move on to a new venture–that new venturewould be legal related.

After Betterfly, he launched a litigation finance company and worked on it for a few years, until 2015 when he launched Mighty.

At first, Mighty also had a litigation funding component and tried to pair plaintiffs with funders by having them compete for cases.

Gaining traction with that model turned out to be a little harder than Johsua expected, so Mighty started building tech to help plaintiffs and their lawyers track liens against recoveries in their cases held by medical providers and other attorneys.

As you will hear from Joshua, Mighty is a purpose driven company and its goal is to make the practice of personal injury law more efficient so plaintiffs can take home more of the settlements and verdicts they recover.

That’s why he decided to found Mighty the law firm. A firm that requires lawyers to abide by a code of conduct and work to put the most money in plaintiff’s pockets.

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