Episode 19: Christian Auty and Zach Smolinski on Blockchain — Redux

We bring back Zach Smolinski and Christian Auty for Episode 19. Like last time, they discuss blockchain technology and its impact on the practice of law. Zach is with Smolinski Rosario Law and Christian with the Much firm. Both counsel clients on blockchain related matters.

It was 2017 the last time the guys were on the show, so we talk about what’s changed in the blockchain world since then. Both Zach and Christian agree that regulators have stepped up enforcement and investigations into cryptocurrency transactions like ICOs (initial coin offerings) and the general public may be less enthralled about the technology. However, both are still big supporters and excited to see people getting serious about building sustainable blockchain businesses.

Zach is a co-founder of BUZZ, a monthly event working to grow Chicago’s blockchain community, and Christian authors the Distributed Counsel blog.  A blog based on an attorney’s Perspective on cryptocurrency, data privacy and blockchain.

Legal Tech Founder Segment: Basha Rubin and Mirra Levitt of Priori Legal

In this episode’s legal tech founder segment, we talk to Basha Rubin and Mirra Levitt the founders of Priori Legal. The company makes it easy for companies to find, hire and manage outside counsel without the costly infrastructure of a firm. To use the platform, clients submit an RFP and Priori leverages its extensive attorney network and data to compile a customized list of lawyer matches.

You can learn more about Basha, Mirra and Priori here.

This We Talk About in This Episode



Distributed Ledgers

Wired Article by Bruce Schneier: “There’s No Good Reason to Trust Bitcoin Technology”

Game Theory

Nick Szabo

Vitalik Buterin

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