Technically Legal: A podcast about legal technology, legal innovation and the impact of tech on the law and legal industry.

A legal podcast featuring interviews with innovators in law and legal tech. Guests discuss how they are using, creating or implementing legal technology and pursuing innovation in their legal departments and law firms.

An ABA Web 100 Best Law Podcasts Honoree.

Latest Episodes

Don’t Believe the Hype? Practical Thoughts About Using AI in Legal (Stephen Embry – TechLaw Crossroads)

A conversation with attorney and legal tech aficionado Stephen Embry about why good lawyers will embrace AI to increase efficiency and serve their clients better, leaving more time for strategic thinking and advisory roles.

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Should AI and Humans be Treated the Same Under the Law–Under a “Reasonable Robot” Standard? (Ryan Abbott – UCLA)

Ryan Abbott, author of the Reasonable Robot, discusses whether laws should be AI neutral and why the acts of artificial intelligence should not be judged differently than humans’. He calls this a “reasonable robot” standard.

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Will DAOs Become the New LLC?; or What Legal Professionals Should Know About DAOs (Nick Rishwain, CougarDAO /

Nick Rishwain discusses decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). Nick, a participant in several DAOs including Cougar DAO and TaterDAO, shares insights into the world of DAOs and their unique features.

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