Casey Flaherty, Chief Strategy Officer for Lex Fusion, makes his second appearance on Technically Legal. This time around, Casey discusses his thesis that organizations often turn to technology as an avoidance mechanism for addressing issues with process and culture.

Casey has deep experience with legal process from all angles, he started his career as a commercial litigator before moving in house at Kia Motors.

From there he launched a legal operations consultancy and started Procertas, a technology training and benchmarking platform.

Since Casey was last on the podcast, he has taken on a couple of other roles. He served as Director of Legal Project Management for one of the world’s largest law firms, Baker Mckenzie, and recently took on his current role at Lex Fusion.

Casey talks about his legal industry experience, his writing process and explains why it is not a good idea to implement technology before taking a step back to map processes and making sure organizational culture supports change.

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Things We Talk About in This Episode

Tech-First Failures – Value Storytelling (Casey’s article discussed in this episode)

Lex Fusion’s Resources Page (with links to Casey’s articles)

Casey’s Articles on 3 Geeks and a Law Blog

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