Crypto Lawyer Nelson Rosario on the Legal, Regulatory and Political Implications of Blockchain Technology

Crypto lawyer Nelson Rosario discuses the legal, regulatory and political landscape of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

We also get an update from TurnSignl CEO Jazz Hampton about his company’s progress since he was last on the show.

Nelson started out as an intellectual property lawyer but caught the crypto bug in law school. His boutique law firm Rosario Tech Law, focuses on servicing crypto and emerging technology companies that are working to change in the way we all interact with each other and deal with privacy and power.

Although IP is still a significant part of his practice, Nelson’s firm provides those companies with strategic counseling, general outside services and assistance with privacy issues.

Before he went to law school he was an election official in Florida and worked to streamline voter registration rolls and how his county processed absentee ballots.

Nelson discusses the potential impact blockchain technology may or may not have on elections, the political and regulatory ramifications of the recent U.S. sanctions against crypto “mixer” Tornado Cash and why the crypto community needs to do a better job of educating others about the benefits blockchain technology can provide around online and financial privacy.

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