Cyber Incident Response: What Really Goes On Behind the Scenes – Luke Green (Beazley) & Josh Sudbury (Lodestone)

Cyber incident response. Cyber attacks. Unfortunately, we hear these terms daily nowadays.

But what really goes on behind the scenes in a cyber incident?

To answer that question, we asked Luke Green, a Breach Response Services Manager for cyber insurer Beazley Group and Josh Sudbury, Managing Principal of Forensic Investigations at Lodestone, a leading cyber defense and incident response company, to come on the show.

They break down step by step what happens when an organization is hacked. From containment to remediation, Luke and Josh explain the stages of a cyber incident response plan. They also explain how cyber insurers and incident response teams work with companies to minimize cyber risk and damage.

They also discuss cybersecurity and what companies can do ahead of time to prevent cyber attacks including education initiatives and implementing cyber incident policies.

Learn more about Luke and Josh.

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Editing and Production: Grant Blackstock

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