Episode 12: Jae Um on the New Normal for BigLaw and Calling BS on “Because Lawyers…”

In our twelfth episode, we talk to Jae Um, founder of Six Parsecs, an insights company for participants in the legal industry.  The company uses visuals and analytics to create objective, engaging information about the market for legal services.

The conversation with Jae is wide ranging. We discuss Han Solo, the true distance of a parsec and how she came up with the name for her company.

Jae also talks about her work history in legal, including multiple positions at Seyfarth Shaw, where she last worked as Director of Strategic Planning and Analysis. In her roles at Seyfarth, she learned a great deal about demand for legal services and how law firms can best serve clients and grow their businesses. From her vantage point, Jae concluded that a “new normal” confronts many law firms and how they must now compete for business post-2008 recession.

Jae also talks about how “data viz” (data visualization) helps explain information and why it is not helpful to use the “Because Lawyers” excuse as the reason change does not always come quickly to the legal industry.

You can find Jae on Twitter: @jaesunum and Six Parsecs on LinkedIn.


Legal Tech Founder Segment: Ironclad Founder Jason Boehmig

For the legal founder segment in Episode 12, we talk to Jason Boehmig, attorney and founder of Ironclad. A contract management and  automation platform that is customizable and has an open API to connect to other apps used in the contract workflow. You can learn more about Ironclad via email – sales@ironcladapp.com and on LinkedIn.

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