Episode 13: Justine Gottshall on Data Privacy Laws

For Lucky Episode 13, we talk to Justine Gottshall about data privacy laws. Specifically, about the European Union’s General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) and, closer to home, California’s Consumer Privacy Act.

Justine is well positioned to talk about data privacy. She is a partner at InfoLaw Group, where she counsels clients on data privacy, technology, information governance, consumer protection, and digital marketing issues. Justine began her career as a Washington D.C. litigator working under a former Federal Trade Commission Commissioner and was involved in the FTC’s first data privacy investigation.

In this podcast, Justine explains to whom the GDPR and CCPA apply and the protections the laws grant consumers. Justine explains that law firms are not immune from data privacy laws and need to be prepared to comply with them.

Justine can be reached at jgottshall@infolawgroup.com.


Legal Tech Founder Segment: CourtSolutions Founder Morris Massel

In this episode’s Legal Tech Founder segment, we talk to former bankruptcy attorney Morris Massel about the company he founded, CourtSolutions, The company provides an efficient way for judges and lawyers to make telephonic court appearances.

With the app, judges can manage telephonic court appearances through an easy-to-use visual interface that participants may also access to see who is on the line and who is speaking. To learn more about CourtSolutions, check out the link above or visit judges.court-solutions.com. Morris may also be reached at mmassel@court-solutions.com.

Things We Talk About in This Episode

Federal Trade Commission

DoubleClick Investigation

National Advertising Initiative (NAI) Principles


California Consumer Privacy Act

Deidentified Information

Episode Credits

Editing and Production: Grant Blackstock

Theme Music: Home Base (Instrumental Version) by TA2MI


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