In Episode 20 we talk to Evisort founder Jerry Ting about his company (contract management software that uses AI to extract legal clauses and other relevant data) and also about improving legal technology by looking outside of legal tech.

Jerry founded Evisort while studying at Harvard Law and it was there that he started looking outside of the legal world to build his business. He applied to and was accepted by the Harvard Innovation Lab to help launch the company. By the time he graduated Harvard, Jerry and his team already had customers and had raised money for the company.

Speaking of raising money, Evisort just raised $4.5 million from big name venture funds Amity Ventures and Village Global (the latter having investors with last names of Bezos, Gates and Zuckerberg). 

But, just because Evisort is flush with cash at the moment, Jerry explains that his main focus is growing the business by customer acquisition, and while he spends a lot of time wooing chief legal officers (CLOs), he is again looking outside legal to acquire clients. Jerry sees no reason why good legal tech cannot be used outside of the legal world.

You can contact Jerry at

Legal Tech Founder Segment: Andrew Klein of Reynen Court

In this episode’s legal tech founder segment, we talk to Andrew Klein, founder of Reynen Court,  a services automation platform that uses containerization to enable law firms to deploy computing applications without exposing firm or client content to outside computing environments. 

To learn more about Reynen Court or reach out to Andy you can find him at

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