Episode 27: Chuck Fox on Virtual Reality for Legal Teams

In Episode 27 we talk to Chuck Fox, Director of the Visualization Practice Group at Engineering Systems Inc. (ESI). Chuck explains how his team creates 3D models and virtual reality applications to help lawyers better understand their cases and demonstrate to judges and juries how situations occurred.

Chuck explains that VR modeling starts with laser scan data that is turned into a point cloud and loaded into software to create the VR environment.

Chuck and ESI have been hired by lawyers to create VR models for injury cases and also patent cases. Chuck believes that VR also presents an opportunity to recreate situation for insurance claims handling and create training models for insurance claim adjusters.

Learn more about Chuck or connect with him on LinkedIn.


Videos of ESI’s Virtual Reality Technology


Things We Talk About in This Episode:

Point Clouds

Laser Scanners




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Editing and Production: Grant Blackstock

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