Richard Mabey, CEO and co-founder of contract automation platform Juro, visits the podcast to talk about building a legal tech start up that helps in-house legal teams deal with contracts from drafting to execution (and reduce the number of software products they use while doing it.)

Richard founded Juro in 2016 with a technical co-founder he met in business school.

Prior to getting a business degree, Richard received a few others that run the gamut from music to philosophy and to (of course) law.

Richard started his professional career at one of the UK’s premier law firms and while there, he was seconded to a client. During his time at that company is when the seeds were sown for Juro.

As Richard explains, the legal team he worked with team included very smart people but they spent a lot of time comparing versions of high volume, low risk contracts in Word. And that was only one out of five pieces of software the company used to run an agreement through its lifecycle.

Richard, like many that have come before, said to himself, “there has to be a better way” and went on to found Juro, an end to end contract automation platform that helps legal teams manage contract lifecycles.

But Richard didn’t launch Juro right away. Before he and his co-founder started the company, he did a stint at Legal Zoom.

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