Right out of college with a computer science degree in hand, a buddy helped Andy Wilson (now CEO of SaaS based e-discovery software company Logikcull) get a job at a printing company because Andy’s friend said there was a technology component to the job. 

It was the early 2000s and what the printing company was actually doing was printing out email messages so they could be used in a legal matter. The absurdity of printing out something that is inherently digital was not lost on Andy. So, after a couple of years at the printing company, he and a college classmate that also happened to work there launched Logik Systems. At Logik Systems, Andy and his co-founder created software that processed email to make it easier to transfer and review electronically rather than printing them out.

Logik Systems was doing great until the economy crashed around 2008. But, it was during this downturn that Andy and his co-founder saw the future of e-discovery software and that future was the cloud. That is when the duo launched Logikcull. It took 4 plus years to develop the software, but they persevered and in 2013 Logikcull went live.

Logikcull is an eDiscovery solution that provides user friendly legal software for processing, reviewing, and producing data.

The company just celebrated it’s 10th birthday and it continues its upward trajectory toward its goal of democratizing electronic discovery.

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