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In the first episode of 2022, Mike Suchsland of the LegalTech Fund and Bridge Investments talks about investing in legal technology.

Mike has been in legal tech before it was even a thing. He started his career with Wolters Kulwer in the 1990s and ultimately ended up climbing high up the corporate ladder at Thomson Reuters.

He started as Thomson’s head of legal strategy, moved to the small law business group, ended up running the corporate legal unit, the legal education division and ultimately became President of Legal Business. In that role, Mike was responsible for 10,000 employees and over 3 billion in revenue.

In 2014 Mike left Thomson but did not leave the legal tech world. He is and was a board member for several legal tech companies and now spends most of his time investing in legal tech companies as a venture capitalist.

Mike explains how he got into venture capital, what investors look for in legal tech companies, the state of legal tech in 2022 and if there really is such a thing as a legal tech unicorn.

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