Victor Bornstein tells us how  Justpoint, the company he co-founded and now heads, is taking advantage of changes to Rules of Professional Conduct to build artificial intelligence that matches personal injury clients to the best attorney for their case. Specifically, the company is taking advantage of changes to Rule 5.4 in Arizona that now permits people other than lawyers to have an ownership stake in law firms and legal services companies.

Justpoint lets potential clients leverage AI to find the right attorney for their claim. The company uses a combination of human intake by medical professionals and predictive analytics to identify the right attorney for the job. 

Before launching Justpoint, Victor and his co-founder had nothing to do with the legal industry. Victor has a PhD in biomedical sciences with an emphasis in immunology and worked in medical, his co-founder worked at Google before launching Justpoint.

The pair started the company in 2019 and recently closed a $6.9 million fundraising round.

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