Using IP Management Software and Automation To Maximize ROI with Jeppe Hudtloff Viinberg ( & Michael Ro Mejer

Using intellectual property management software and automation is the topic of conversation for Episode 43. We talk to Jeppe Hudtloff Viinberg, co-founder and Rightly user, Michael Ro Mejer Interim General Counsel for Danish clothing company, Masai.

Rightly is IP management software that automates and tracks tasks across the IP management lifecycle. Such as docketing, renewal management, and brand protection. The app also provides IP registration metrics and reporting.

Jeppe and Michael explain how through the use of technology, IP management can move from manual processes and tracking deadlines on spreadsheets to automating tasks necessary to the intellectual property lifecycle. Using technology to manage intellectual property also makes it possible to leverage metrics  and maximize return on IP investments.

Learn more about Jeppe and Michael.

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Episode Credits

Editing and Production: Taylor Jackson

Theme Music: Home Base (Instrumental Version) by TA2MI

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