Using Tech to Manage Litigation Risk and Evaluate Outcomes (Len Hickey, Founder Litigaze)

IP lawyer Len Hickey joins the show to discuss Litigaze, the legal tech start up he founded that helps legal teams evaluate litigation risk, make smarter settlement decisions, figure out which claims to pursue and budget for litigation.

Len has worked both in-house and at law firms. Over the course of his practice, to answer questions posed by his clients about the value of their cases, he developed sophisticated spreadsheets to analyze his clients’ odds and determine what expected outcomes might be worth.

After awhile, as many tech founders do, he said to himself, “there should be a better way to do this.” So he taught himself to code and put together a beta version of Litigaze–software that enables users to build graphical decision trees of stages in a legal claim. Using Litigaze, lawyers and their clients can estimate chances of success and determine potential monetary values for outcomes.

After he built the beta version, Len tested it out on friends, they liked it so he took the next step and hired developers to make a real app. In January 2021, Litigaze went live.

Using Litigaze, lawyers and clients can make better decisions about litigation and determine the best courses of legal action to take.

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